Blender Instructions

Please follow these instructions for the best Blendz!  Each blender should adhere to the following instructions.  Please let us know if you have any questions!


  1. Charge your Blendz to full capacity before its first use.  The built in battery does not come charged and needs roughly a 3 hour charge to start blending!  Do not use the blender while plugged in.  These are meant to be cordless blenders!
  2. Thoroughly clean the unit before the first use and after every use.  To do this, add water, a drop of soap and blend for 3 to 4 seconds.  Unscrew the base from the housing.  The housing should be cleaned with soap and water. 
  3. Each model has a detachable cover.  The Novice has two parts to the cover.  Unscrew and clean each top with soap and water as well. Pat dry the parts being careful around the blades portion.  Do not ever get any water by the charging unit.
  4. Wash your fruits and vegetables and cut into pieces around 1.5 cm.  Peel any fruits that have hard skin to them as these are not good in Blendz.  50 to 60% of the Blendz should consist of fruit/vegetables and 30 to 40% should be a liquid base. 
  5. The total fill of the cup should be no more then 80 to 85%.  There needs to be room for the ingredients to blend together.  It is best to add your liquid base first.
  6. Ice can be used in your Blendz BUT we highly recommend not using cubed ice.  Use crushed ice such as that from an ice dispenser from a refrigerator.  When using ice, you still should use a liquid base such as milk or water.
  7. Once the ingredients have been added, you can now blend.  Make sure your top is screwed on securely before you start.  Once you power on, you should hold at an angel and shake back and forth every so often to turn the ingredients around.
  8. You will hear the motor make different pitches of sounds.  This is completely normal when shaking the blender while blending.  Most Blendz take between 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete.  You can now drink and enjoy.
  9. If you are using the Novice Blender, the top has a built in strainer to filter pulp out.  You can use this optionally to keep out pulp from your creations!


Important!  If your Blendz stops suddenly, it means that there is something to hard in the blend.  Just flip upside down, shake, and turn back on the power button to start again.  When charging the unit, a red light on the front means not charged fully and a green lights means that it is charged to capacity.